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10:00 AM on 06.18.2009 // Dale North

[We continue our "link love," a selection featuring other great websites that share our interest in Japanese culture.]

I may be a shopaholic and an "early adopter," but I'm also a cheap bastard. That sounds funny, but let me explain: I make sure to have the money for the things I want by pinching pennies (or in this case, yen) on everything else in my life. That's why the tightwad ways of Frugalista Japan appealed to me. 

Frugalista Japan writes about ways that foreigners can save money in Japan. While some may be aimed at residents, there are others that apply to visitors, and all entries are pretty interesting. For example, have you ever seen those stickers on Japanese beer cans? This post details how you can collect them to get free stuff. Another talks about a site where foreigners list things they're not using, like old appliances and such. These items go to other gaijin, rather than in the junk pile.

Check out this very eco-friendly, thrifty website for yourself.

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