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Tadpoles are falling out of the sky in Japan

3:00 PM on 06.19.2009 // Dale North

If Tay Zonday were Japanese [could you imagine?] then he'd need to change his song to "Tadpole Rain." I'll tell you right now: if a frickin tadpole fell from the sky on me, I'd freak the hell out. I mean, look at these things.

You may have heard that people in Japan have been experiencing animals falling from the sky lately. Tadpoles, fish, and frogs have been witnessed falling all over the country. Sign of the end times? I don't know. There is no explaination as to why these creatures are falling -- just countles accounts of it happening.

The good folks at Pink Tentacle have been keeping tabs on the multiple occurrences in a timeline that runs from June 4th through June 17th. He's one of the more freaky accounts:

At about 6:00 PM in the town of Shiwa, a 67-year-old farmer was tending her field when she heard what sounded like hailstones hitting the ground around her. She found 15 tadpole carcasses. The local meteorological agency reported the weather was calm at the time, and a local ornithologist said he found it improbable that birds dropped them.

Other accounts say that there was no rain. While some blame it on birds, the high concentration of tadpoles and fish in one area don't make a lot of sense.

What do you think this is? Pranksters? The devil?

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