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Coolest University webpage ever rips on Dragon Quest, K-On!

12:00 PM on 06.22.2009 // Dale North

Most University webpages feature cheesy images of students reading books under trees, each accompanied by text that is supposed to draw you into spending tens of thousands of dollars of your money to learn there. What a waste. They might get better results by posting beer pong rakings and hot girl galleries. It would work on me!

Tokyo Zokei University, an art and design school, has a new webpage for high school applicants for their open campus event. They work to play to the interests of the students they hope to attend with this page. Called Zokei Quest, the whole site is presented in an 8-bit RPG fashion, and even has four girls that look similar to the four girls of the anime/manga K-On!. Nice! All of this is set to an 8-bit soundtrack remicinesent of old role-playing games.

Head on over and check out the site.

[via ANN]

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