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Only mad dogs and Englishmen: UK teens discover Gyaru fashion

6:00 PM on 07.01.2009 // Josh Tolentino

As the temperate zones of the world shift into the summer season, the sun inevitably will steal away some of the tanning industry's market. After all, who needs artificially generated ultraviolet radiation or gross-smelling lotions to get a tan when you can get an organic, free-range tan for less?

This summer may be more kind, however, to the tanning industry of United Kingdom, as its teenagers have discovered the magic of hideous gyaru fashion. As reported by BBC Radio, the kids these days are into gyaru fashion, in this case "manba," a variation featuring extremely deep tans, neon-bleached hair, and heavily contrasted makeup. Combined with brain-frying eurobeat music and para-para dance maneuvers, the trend wave is sweeping the nation, killing most older people caught in the vicinity.

Hit the link for the radio report, which includes video clips that I couldn't embed, or hit the jump for a relevant portion of the BBC's adorable program Japanorama, presented by Jonathan Ross. His speech impediment is so cute. Plus, if you watch the intro you'll see a tiny bit from Gunbuster in there, which is cool.

[Via Japan Probe]

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