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Sony's takes a dive into the world of streaming anime

4:00 PM on 10.25.2010 // Brad Rice

Crunchyroll has a new competitor in the delicious-sounding simulcasting race: Crackle. The field has widened beyond FUNimation, Crunchyroll, ANN and The Anime Network -- now Sony is getting in on the competition, turning their site into the place to go for some pretty interesting content.

Like, oh, say, Macross.

Y'know, that show. It's been streaming on Hulu, but I'm betting a lot of you forgot about it. Crackle is already streaming 13 episodes of Blood+ and all 94 episodes of Ruroni Kenshin, and has a slate of titles they'll be rolling out weekly until the end of the year, when they'll be showing off the US debut of Animax's original production, LaMB.

Buckle down and get yourself ready to watch some shows like Fist of the North Star, Captain Harlock and Pretty Cure, all for free on I'm excited to see what they'll be pulling out next. Stay tuned to us here on Japanator, we'll keep you updated with the pulse of Crackle.

Oh, and ANN: you need to update the name of your streaming service. Something with more snap or pop to it.

Series Name

Rollout Date

# of episodes

Humanoid Monster Bem

October 18

26 episodes


October 25

36 episodes

Robotech the Shadow Chronicles

November 1

Full feature movie

Air Master

November 8

27 episodes

Slam Dunk

November 15

101 episodes

Fist of the North Star

November 22

152 episodes (2 seasons)

Digimon Adventure 02

November 29

50 episodes

Pretty Cure

December 6

49 episodes

Galaxy Express

December 13

113 episodes

Captain Harlock

December 20

42 episodes


December 27

22 Mobisodes, as well as full feature and extras

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