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Final Fantasy Agito

Final Fantasy Agito announced for iOS/Android

11:16 PM on 09.10.2013 // Elliot Gay

Give me a second before you freak out

Square Enix trademarked the Final Fantasy Agito name all the way back in May, but this news still comes as something of a surprise.

A Famitsu leak has revealed that Final Fantasy Agito is a game coming to the iOS/Android platforms this winter in Japan. It will be a prequel to Final Fantasy Type-0, and is being produced by Hajime Tabata, director of the original title. The scan included below reveals that Agito will be a 3D game, and while it's hard to make out details, there's a virtual stick and a few buttons on the screen.

Not too long ago the folks at Square Enix said they wanted to move toward creating big console games for the mobile platforms, and this looks like the first step. There's a very real possibility that Final Fantasy Agito could turn out to be a solid game, and let's not forget that SE has done a good job localizing their mobile releases.

Hell, the fact that this isn't some social card game should be cause enough to celebrate. As far as I can tell, Final Fantasy Agito looks like a single player RPG, and I'm totally ok with that.

We'll have more details after Famitsu hits news stands on Friday, so stay tuned.

[via Jin]

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