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Clamp School Detectives to get English dub

4:55 PM on 07.28.2007 // John Martone

Clamp School
Reversing their previous position on Clamp School Detectives, Bandai Entertainment annouced that they would be producing a new dub for the upcoming release. Granted this was announced at last week's Otakon, but apparently didn't make enough waves to ripple anyones feathers (back checking news sources proved that most didn't even announce when Bandai said it would be sub only.) To be fair, I'm sure the majority of you don't know about Clamp School Detectives, let alone care if they have a dub, but I'm sure that will change in a couple months. Clamp-ites are bound to eat up this comedic shōjo centered around the adventures of the elementary school student board of Clamp School. People may recognize Clamp School (the pentagram shaped campus) from other Clamp series such as Magical Knight Rayearth, Man of Many Faces, and X. In X, the clamp school is where Kamui Shirou's sacred sword lies in wait. The reps at Otakon let it slip in Q&A later that they had finally cemented the deal over the show. Airing a decade ago, Bandai Entertainment was afraid of only getting the rights to broadcast, and prepared for a straight sub release (something much more up Bandai Visual's alley). "We received a really good deal," said president Ken Iyadomi with a smile on his face. The best thing about this announcement was seeing how happy they were to get the chance to work on this title. Just makes you feel good all over... I love this industry.

John Martone,
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