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Yotsubato robot taking over the world December 1st

12:45 PM on 09.29.2007 // Brad Rice

You can't help but admit this an awesome looking figure. Made by Revoltech, this is Miura in a robot "suit" from the manga Yotsubato. The robot figure here comes with a Miura head that you can place on when the robot helmet is off. What's awesome is that the figure comes with light-up eyes! They're battery powered, but I don't quite know where the battery itself would go...

Right now, the figure has a retail price of 2,205 yen, but you can pre-order it for just 1,628 yen right now. Check out the figure at AmiAmi. I doubt they'll ship to America, though. If you know that it's otherwise, please let us know! Or, just send us one because you love us so much.

[Via Heisei Democracy]

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