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8:19 PM on 12.11.2007 // Zac Bentz

All-girl Japanese synth rock trio tokyo pinalocks will be visiting American soil for the very first time at Anime Boston 2008. Once again is delivering the imported musical goods

tokyo pinsalocks (arrg, so hard to not capitalize!) blend smooth synths with drum machines and spaced out vocals to form a rather unique, slightly psychedelic mix. Think Ladytron blissed out on happy pills and you might get close to the idea.  

Or, you could just check out the videos after the jump. Yeah, that might be better for your brain cells.

Oh, and anyone planning on being at Anime Boston 2008? Pics please!



Plutonium (live)

Rhythm (live)

JapanFiles presents tokyo pinsalocks at Anime Boston 2008!


December 11, 2007 – Japanese electronic/pop group tokyo pinsalocks will make their USA premiere at Anime Boston 2008 in Boston, MA, March 21-23, 2008.



Formed in Tokyo in 2000, tokyo pinsalocks fuse fresh rhythms with the psychedelic vocal stylings of singer/keyboardist Naoko to create a retro-futuristic new-wave meltdown.   Since their formation, tokyo pinsalocks have toured all across Japan, including Sapporo's revered Rising Sun Rock Festival. In February 2007 they took their music to England for a week-long tour, gaining them an instant British fanbase.


tokyo pinsalocks is:

Hisayo (bass, backing vocals) - Naoko (vocals, keyboard) - Reiko (drums, programming)


"tokyo pinsalocks offer tripped-out psychedelic pop that recalls Jane's Addiction and Lush in equal parts" – Daniel Robson, Disorder Magazine


"Keyboard-led pop sensation tokyo pinsalocks play danceable, rhythmic pop with nary a guitar nor agenda in sight" – Neo Magazine



tokyo pinsalocks links!



Music at:


YouTube video ("Repeat") -

YouTube Video ("Plutonium") -



tokyo pinsalocks appears by arrangement with




Anime Boston is an annual three-day Japanese animation convention held in Boston, Massachusetts. Anime Boston 2008 will be held Friday, March 21st through Sunday, March 23rd at the Hynes Convention Center and Marriott Copley Boston.


Anime Boston is currently the largest anime convention in the northeast United States, with a 2007 attendance total of 11,500.


"Anime Boston has lept onto the fandom stage, becoming the most significant anime convention in the north east, and assuming a position with the high tiered anime conventions in the US."
-Ain't It Cool News




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Zac Bentz,
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