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Look up Haruhi's skirt -- if you dare!

6:15 PM on 01.27.2008 // God Len

Way back when during the Tokyo Game Show, there was a live-sized Haruhi Suzumiya figure that helped promote The confusion of Haruhi Suzumiya for Playstation 2. But after the show, this figure had nowhere to call home. So Bandai Entertainment decided to move her to Akihabara, so that she may continue to sell herself to all us lonely otaku.  

However once at this new location there were plenty of people willing to perform this very rewarding dare, the dare to see the mysterious undergarments of Suzumiya Haruhi. In order to put an end to this injustice, the big pappa pimp placed a picture of Nagato, who is in a deep stare looking back at the perpetrator. They do this because they think this will detest otaku from looking at Haruhi’s loins, but I think it will have the opposite effect.

Fortunately for them, God Len is here to help. How about a small screen playing 2 girls 1 cup? I think that would detest anyone from looking up Haruhi’s skirt for life.

[Via Kotaku]

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God Len,
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