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Japan's 'sushi police' to be more like 'sushi friendly patrol'

1:24 AM on 02.01.2008 // God Len

Some time ago Japan made the announcement that they were going to crack down on restaurants serving inauthentic Japanese food. Well, the time has finally arrived. Last Tuesday they christened this new origination with a logo, which would stand as a beacon for good Japanese food everywhere. It is of a pair of chopsticks holding a cherry petal, which is set in front of the Japanese flag. However, this organization is not as violent as we initially believed.

"We are not aiming at something like a sushi police aiming to crack down on inauthentic restaurants, […] Our objective is to promote Japanese food, not eliminate Japanese restaurants."

Wowzers, who said anything about elimination? So far bureaus have been opened in Bangkok, Shanghai and Taipei, with plans on expanding to Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles and Paris by the tail end of March. In order to be certified, a restaurant would have to use Japanese traditional ingredients (including Japanese rice), and show knowledge of Japanese recipes and proper hygiene.

This is war, and the enemy this time around is the California roll. Because, the Japanese have a fear that their food will turn into the cuisine that we in America call Chinese food. Japan wants their food to be the same no matter where it is made in the world, which is an admirable act in my eyes. But how many California rolls have to die in order for you to be happy Japan?

[Via News at Yahoo]

God Len,
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