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The God of Origami does exist, bow to your sensei!

1:20 AM on 03.24.2008 // God Len

The God of Origami mentioned above owns the name of Eric Joisel, a French origami master; yes it’ll be on next week’s exam. He made an appearance on a Japanese talk show showing off his amazing ability to create art only using paper. In this first video he shows us some of his best work. Like a hedgehog that took seven years of folding hell to forge. Then we see an origami band that must have taken forever since each individual member was crafted from a single 1 by 1 meter sheet of paper each; though the instruments were made separate.

In the second video (after the jump) Eric has made for us his version of Aragorn, Grimli, and Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. Though he did not create these statues using the paper from the actual book, which a person like me would come to expect and respect. I have never seen such excellence in origami the entire 26 trillion years I have been alive. However, there was one man who was almost at Eric’s level 18 trillion years ago, but he was a dick and friends with Lavos so no one cared. What do you say Japanator, does this guy make you into a believer?

[Via Japan Probe]

God Len,
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