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That guy with the tongue from KISS to appear in Detroit Metal City film

10:03 PM on 04.13.2008 // Zac Bentz

We've already reported on Death Note's Kenichi Matsuyama transforming from a brooding sweets eating brainiac into a face-painted metal god in the forthcoming live-action adaptation of Detroit Metal City. Now comes word of the one and only Gene Simmons of KISS joining in on the fun, appearing as "the demon god of rock and roll."  Hmm...I wonder how he's going to wrap his head around that one.

Even though I don't really know anything about the series, I'm really looking forward to this film. I have every expectation that it's going to be pretty rank, but probably in a good way. Just like any self-respecting rock-n-roll movie should be.

The film will be released in August, and only in Japan, but you can catch some behind the scene footage on the Gene Simmons "Family Jewels" TV show. 

Zac Bentz,
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