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Rumors from a Japanator geisha: Geneon to make a comeback?

11:48 PM on 05.15.2008 // John Martone

Proving that internet trolling can make for interesting reading, the troll Gia has apparently put together more detective work. This time around, Giapet has been following the hypothetical purchase of several Geneon titles. Following the emails from Robert's Anime Corner Store (reposted here,) it seems as though some unnamed US distribution company has been in heavy talks with the failing company. Trick is, the company looking to buy the titles isn't one of the current US distributors.

  • If we don't hear anything by mid-summer we probably won't hear anything.
  • Even if a major deal is struck, it won't involve Geneon's entire catalog circa Sept 2007. The new company will cherry pick those releases like people at Ruby Tuesday pick over the salad bar.
  • The 'major distributor' they are in talks with is NOT one of the existing US Anime studios.
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I'm still getting a half dozen e-mails each week from folks wondering when Geneon's old titles will be back on the market. Anime fans are consummate optimists. :-) I actually do have an update of sorts, and I have not mentioned anything up until now because I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up - but what the heck, here goes. Geneon has been in serious talks with a major US home entertainment distributor for about the past three months to get their titles back on the street. I know exactly who it is, how far along they are, and the details that are going to make or break the deal. The trouble is I can't make any of that info public without jeopardizing our relationship with the new company, but perhaps it's helpful to let you guys know that there is something serious in the works. Whether the deal is completed or not remains to be seen, and I would advise everyone to not get their hopes up...

John Martone,
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