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Crotch Fondle Attack! Fighting of Ecstasy is not your typical fighting game

9:39 AM on 05.27.2008 // Dale North

The idea of a doujin game featuring busty fighting game females Kasumi (Dead or Alive) and Mai (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters) isn't too far fetched, but the combat engine of this eroge (erotic game) called Fighting of Ecstasy is a little bit different from what you'd expect.

In this 2D PC game, you play as a faceless, muscle-bound brawler, equipped with tentacle ability. Of course. You "fight" against either one of the girls by clicking all over their body to attack. Your clicks can punch, kick, whip, and... "insert." Then, after your opponent has been taken down correctly, you can proceed to "go down" on her in typical H-game style. Don't worry if you're not a fighting game fan; they don't seem to put up much of a fight. 

It should go without saying that his doujin eroge is not for the kiddies. Japanese Web store DMM.Adult is selling the 85.50MB download for 1,785 yen. On that same page, you'll find a downloadable zip file that contains an awesome NSFW Flash trailer. Let's just say that if Fighting of Ecstasy were an arcade game, then this Flash trailer would make the best attract mode ever.

Hit the jump for some Not Safe For Work details and images of Fighting of Ecstasy.  

At the very end of this video, you'll see an example of the "insertion" attack.

I'd guess that this is the closest you'd find to a "move list" here:

How is this fighting?

Check out the rest of the hot gallery action. NSFW!

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