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Fun Friday AMVs: Go the distance

3:08 AM on 06.20.2008 // God Len

Like Hajime No Ippo but sadden by the fact that there aren’t any good AMVs out there today? Lucky for you there is one AMV creator who has heard the cries of the people and made one haymaker of an AMV. Castor Troy isn’t the only person who has seen a connection between the boxing anime Hajime No Ippo, and the American classic franchise Rocky, to no surprise they are almost the same. However, Castor Troy is the only person who has created an awesome AMV that mixes both of these two boxing stories together. Why did he mix these two together? That’s a great question Billy, I’ll let Mr. Troy answer you.

I always wanted to make a live action Rocky video. When Rocky Balboa finally came out to DVD in spring of 07', I would finally have all the footage I needed to make a video. Sadly I couldn't really think of an idea that I liked very much. I also had plans to do an individual Ippo video. It was originally gonna be a simple Ippo video to the original Gonna fly now, but I couldn't really think of a way to put it together. After much thought, I decided... why not combine the two video ideas together?

This AMV did not only impress me, but the judges over at the Anime Central AMV contest, winning him Best of Show in 2008. Not only does it rock, but it also brings up an important question: can Ippo really win against MR. T? You can download the high-quality version here.

God Len,
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