Featured Fan Art: Fansubs are funny

Jul 30 // God Len

First, let me just say that fansubs are art; in fact I predict in a thousand years people will look back to this time and remember us for our fantastic and utterly wonderful artists known as fansubbers. Or maybe this is all just an excuse so that I can do a post about our favorite moments in fansubbing history. I now present to you a gallery of such images, though some of them are just subtitles out of context, but those can be funny too!

Fansubs are funny, but fansubbers are funnier; especially when they assume the viewer has the same amount of Japanese language power as the translator. This hiccup in the translator’s brain gives us such classics as Light’s “Just according to Keikaku.” Yes, fansubs are messed up, but you can’t bite the hand that feeds you, so just laugh it out.

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God Len //
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