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Tokyo Gore Police trailer features Tokyo, Gore, and yes; POLICE (who uses swords!).

8:28 AM on 08.12.2008 // Red Veron


I've only recently discovered the goodness of B-Movie style Japanese movies in the recent US release of The Machine Girl, which has left thirsting for more. Thankfully, we get another bloody shot from Tokyo Shock, the same people who brought you The Machine Girl, gives us another gore-fest in the form of Tokyo Gore Police.

Set in a futuristic Tokyo, where the police has been privatized and are used to combat mutants known as "Engineers", who are able turn themselves into weapons. Ruka, a sword-wielding cop, is tasked with hunting down these Engineers. While the plot seems simple and laughable (and could have been written in the 70's), the production design seems to have ramped up more than The Machine Girl. With better looking fake body parts, and even a mix of creatures that look like they're from Silent Hill, this movie may surpass The Machine Girl in more ways than one.

Now we bring upon you the trailer for this new gruesome flick after ze jump.



The film has been shown at several conventions, and the DVD release will be hitting the U.S. shores in October, courtesy of Media Blasters -- the ones who have been bringing us The Machine Girl and other fun and gory films. So any of you picking this up once it comes to the United States?

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