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Japan gets musical instrument cellphones; I cry

2:28 PM on 09.11.2008 // Dale North

I f*cking hate my cell phone. I get a new keitai every few months in the hopes that I'll like it more than the last, but I never do. And every time new features are added on: touchscreens, video players, mp3 functionality, dildo vibration... none of it makes me happy. And while I'm futzing with these things, Japan is getting musical instrument phones? Damn it!

Yamaha, one of the world's oldest musical instrument companies, has teamed up with Japanese cell phone maker au to create this line of beautiful musical phones. There's keys, strings, drum sticks, strummable guitar, and even woodwinds and brass... in mobile phones! I'll be honest: I don't even care if these things make calls. My stomach is churning with do-want-ness over the piano one. 

Go to hell, cell phone. [looks at it with disgust] Burn in hell.

[Via TokyoMango]

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