Ever wondered what you would look like as an anime character?

Oct 09 // God Len

Are you ready to make yourself look like an anime character, or an old man or a monkey? Of course you are! You’ve been waiting for this day your entire life, you can’t fool me. This is all thanks to the University of St Andrews’s Face of the Future program, which is aimed at understanding the newest advances in the field of facial computer vision and graphics.

This is how it works: you pick a picture, zoom in on the face (make sure its really tight), drag the circles around the eyes and mouth, and then decide the fate of your new face. This software is amazing, which is to no surprise seeing as this was made for science and education, and not to make drunk people laugh; but laugh you will, heed my words!

This works surprising well, almost too well. The first time I created the old man version of myself, I swear I was looking into a mirror from 2130 (assuming people live a lot longer than they do now.) I’m sure you all will have the same reaction, so post some of your pictures after the jump; because all the cool kids are going to do it.

Ps. I know the anime face isn’t that great, but I’m totally happy that they put it in the program!  

Photo Gallery:   (you can use your arrow keys)


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