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Tentacle Grape: 'The most delicious hentai soda on the market'

11:14 AM on 12.30.2008 // Brad Rice

Not many drinks dare to bill themselves as "hentai soda," but it looks like this here Tentacle Grape soda isn't going for the mom-and-pop crowd. This drink is a dangerous one, I can tell. Men, don't let your girlfriends drink this alone -- there's a strong possibility that she'll have been assaulted and covered in a mysterious slime by the time you see her again.

The drink's deep purple color instantly brings flashbacks to the oozing jelly commonly found secreting from most Japanese tentacles. The people at Tentacle Grape probably have a storehouse of tentacles, where they collect this jelly into large vats, and through the carbonation process, the jelly's grape flavor comes out -- which is, in fact, the reason why women in hentai have such trouble resisting the tentacles. It's so delicious.

The Tentacle Grape team is trying to control the release of tentacles into the US market -- they're accepting pre-orders now. Of course, they're not making it easily accessible to lolitas and such like that, because they won't have the $15.99 to buy six bottles. I guess they've got to make their money back on importing those tentacles, right?

[Thanks for pointing this out, Chris!]

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