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Discipline becomes the first hentai title on Blu-ray, Simon weeps in a corner

10:00 AM on 01.16.2009 // Brad Rice

Of course we need hentai on Blu-ray. There's no way I could live with myself if I wasn't watching those sexy 2-D breasts bouncing around in 1080p. Meanwhile, Simon, Kamina, and the rest of Team Gurren sit in a corner, awaiting their chance to get on the Blu-ray train.

So, who's the lucky lady today? Why, it'd be none other than Discipline: The Hentai Academy! Released by Amorz here in the US back in 2006 or so, it looks like the series will be released over here in the US on Blu-ray as well, seeing as Amorz already has a collection of Blu-ray porn titles from Japan up for sale. The disc will be collecting all six episodes of Discipline on a single disc, and for all you importers, it's getting released on January 30th, for the low low price of 8,190 yen. It's a small price to pay for owning the first hentai title on Blu-ray. It's a part of history!

Personally, I can't think of a single title that needs to be on Blu-ray. I can understand that some of the older ones that look grainy as hell now would be good, but the animation quality overall is a little simplistic, leaving much to be desired. I sincerely doubt the Japanese publishers are focused on "keeping the history alive" of hentai. Or, are there titles that need to be on Blu-ray that I'm forgetting about.

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