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Toonami Jetstream has perished

3:58 PM on 01.31.2009 // God Len

Sad news today for anyone who happened to enjoy Cartoon Network’s Toonami Jetstream, because it has officially shut down as of the 30th of January. Global warming can not be blamed for this disaster; no this is all thanks to Cartoon Network’s systematic removal of anything anime. They leave us with this somber message.

We greatly appreciate all the fan support for Toonami Jetstream over the past years. Starting January 30, Naruto will make its new home on CN Video at Fans of MAR, Blue Dragon, and other popular Viz Media series previously featured on Toonami Jetstream should check for future updates.

Now the real sad part is that some of these shows were insanely close to ending. Shows like Hikaru no Go were only three episodes away from ending, ten for Blue Dragon, and seven for Zatch Bell. Now, you will never know if Hikaru won that go match, ever! Cartoon Network is dead to us anime fans. After Toonami’s death, we thought we could count on Jetstream; but alas it was also on weak knees. Well, back to fansubs it is. You give me no other choice!

[Via Nebs Blog]


God Len,
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