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12:40 PM on 02.07.2009
NYCC 09: Vertical Publishing photo

Aww, Vertical Publishing is the cute. They are all like, “No one wants to come to our panels but press…” and all the journalists are like, “but we love you.”

Black Jack: Black Jack will continue shortly. Publication is complete, but it was delayed due to promotional issues. The Vol 3. hardback will include a short informative essay. You can also check out a sneak peek of some Vertical’s work on . Of course, you should probably check it out anyway, fun site, fun content (including wonderful Korean propaganda!) One might ask

New craft series: Cute Dogs. Yep, you read it right… do you want to craft your own pooches, or maybe just learn how to crate accessories for your previously assembled art puppy. Vertical hopes to get these two books on your coffee tables in September and November.

Okay, they are showing us shots from the book… I am owning this book. “The translated title was just dogs, no cute in the title. We just put cute in the title, you know, because they are this cute.”

New sudoku prints: Sudoku Plus. In case you just can’t stop the numbers from haunting your dreams, get them onto pages next winter. This is in addition to O’Ekaki Heaven and Sudoku Hell. “These are actually our best sellers, and yet require no real editing… I don’t know how I feel about it.”

Cookbooks: Two stand alone publications, Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese (April 2009) and The Worry-free Baker: Treats without Oil and Butter (October 2009). Now, I’m a fan of the Iron Chef, but how hard is it going to be to assemble the ingredients (admittedly they state a dish requires shark.) A series of healthy cookbooks will be put out every other month by famous chef Kantaro

More panel goodness after the jump!

Non-fiction Books: Sayonara Mr. Fatty by Toshio Okada and Walking Your Way to a Better Life by Mimiko. Wow Vertical… you make me all starved looking at cook books, then you tell me I should lose weight, seriously now?

Fiction Books: The Cat in the Coffin (May 2009). Nanny and child bond over a pet cat… everything else is a mystery. Summer of Ubume (July 2009) by Natsuhiko Kyogoku. We’re told Kyogoku is the Neil Gaiman of Japan, and apparently this is one of his strange titles. Comparison to Faust is being made, but once again, Vertical doesn’t want us to be spoiled.

Alright, that’s it. Vertical wants to assuage fears of their financial state, saying they are solid, and will continue to stay independent for the foreseeable future. Their relatively low yield (for them) was admittedly due to financial concerns, but they say that won’t continue to be a problem… no details as to why. On an interesting note, they say the hardest part of their job is acquiring rights, not translating, editing, or even distribution. This is a heavy swap from the Anime industry that has piles of titles, and dies on the vine for more channels of distribution.

Okay, now they are giving away prizes. I want one! Darn. Nothing. Brigid from from mangablog won something though…gratz…

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