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Akihabara's 'Smashing Place' helps you relieve stress by breaking things

4:25 PM on 03.05.2009

Dale North

Associate Editor

What do you do to relieve stress? Scream? Go out for a jog? Punch a pillow? Hump a pillow? As we often say here at Japanator, "we don't judge," but we may have found something that will work better to relieve stress than your current method.

Sure, you could break things on your own time, but then you'd have to clean it up. Oh, and you'd have to replace what you broke. Enter Akiba's Ha Atari Dokoro, meaning "Smashing Place." Situated at an open space along Chuo-dori, next to the Radio Center, you go inside, listen to some loud music, and break some things. You get plates to break, and what you pay determines how big of a plate you'll get. Entry level is 200 yen, and the biggest go for 1,000.

A report on Akibanana says that this all takes place in the back of a truck, in your own private de-stressing zone. You put on a mask to protect your face and then take your plate(s) and smash them against a target. They say that the staff there cheers you on, too. 

It turns out that these plates are defective products from Gifu prefecture, so don't feel bad. And for green freaks, the scraps are recycled. Break with confidence. 

Me? I'm not stressed, usually. But I so want to break some sh*t.

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Dale North

Associate Editor
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