ADV saves CPM anime

May 06 // God Len

Remember when Central Park Media filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy a week ago, and that all those anime titles that used to belong to them were going to be burned in some kind of giant bankruptcy fire? Well not anymore! The good-natured ADV acquired four titles from CPM before the fire was lit. Those titles are: Grave of the Fireflies, Now and Then--Here and There, The World of Nature, and MD Geist.

These anime will be rereleased in July on DVD thanks to ADV, but there are a lot more titles that need to be recued as well, like Utena and Project A-ko for example. This really isn’t surprising; it would be dumb to have these titles fall away to obscurity when they could be making money. So thanks ADV, we owe you one.

[Via ADV Nation]


God Len //
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