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Order hits on your very own Selecao cell phone!

3:00 PM on 05.16.2009 // God Len

Ever wanted to live out that fantasy of being a Selecao from Eden of the East? Well, Gia has found a nice replica of the phone created by NEC; all you have to provide is the 10 billion yen yourself so that you can have the full Eden of the East experience. According to Anime Vice user HSaabedra, this will be a great phone for motorcycles, because it can be mounted on the gauge cluster and be used as a real-time GPS navigation device. Also, it will have turn by turn navigation if you use it in conjunction with a Bluetooth device.

Being an awesome phone from an anime, means that this phone will be as expensive as hell; somewhere around $700, if not more. No matter, being a Japanese phone and everything means that this sadly won’t work in America. I want this phone, but I also want to have the Char phone as well. Why does Japan have all the cool phones?

God Len,
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