Prism Nana's sixth pilot promo focuses on cleavage shots

10:05 PM on 03.11.2013

Beach episodes are something that always pop up in most anime, and Prism Nana is ready to show viewers a broader sample of the beach segments from its first trailer. Overall, I find it silly that Red and Green's boobs look bigger than the sizes shown in the previous promos. 

For now, I will just leave it as a magical girl feat that allows cleaves to go through size changes in the name of fanservice. That, or they must have been wearing some tight bras during the last five pilot promos.

Well, the moment of truth is almost here, guys. There's one promo left, which means that the truth behind the Prism Nana project might be revealed to us soon. I have a feeling that pilot promo seven is going appear in April or May, and I am hyped to the max right now. Hopefully, the project will come out this year, since it will play a great contribution in making 2013 a fantastic year for us all. 

Unfortunately, Youtube couldn't handle the emphasis on cleavage shots for pilot promo six -- light weights, so you'll have to settle with a Dailymotion video instead. 

[via ANN, video via Crunchyroll]

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