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Production I.G. wants your next whip to be a Benz

2:00 PM on 11.26.2012 // Hiroko Yamamura

Only if I didn't just buy a car...

In the market for a gravity defying, indestructible 5 door sport hatch? Well, Mercedes Benz has you covered. The German auto maker has hired none other than Production I.G. to create an anime to showcase their upcoming A-Class car, which they don't even bother to name! Looks pretty slick, but white's just not my color. Also, do you guys think rotating seats is a good idea? How could we play Chinese fire drill?

The anime short takes us on a quest we can all understand, the mission for delicious ramen! I can't tell if this is smart advertisement on Mercedes Benz's part or not, and if anime fans will be drawn to the premium automobile due to Production I.G.'s involvement. I do however, enjoy watching anime and chase scenes, so I can say I'm quite pleased with this entry. Now where can I get some ramen at this time of night?

[Via Alafista]

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