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A.W. Phoenix Festa
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A.W. Phoenix Festa

In this gaming generation, especially with both the PS Vita and the 3DS, it’s pretty common for Bandai Namco to make a quick cashgrab of anime series currently airing in Japan. It happened to Kuroko’s Basketball, Assassination Classroom, Haikyuu and even recently Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan, which recently got announced that it will received a 3DS game. Though I take pride if in my knowledge of Japanese games, sometimes a few games will slip my radar, such as A.W. Phoenix Festa, a game that combines fighting and visual novel gameplay based on the The Asterisk War anime series.

The Asterisk War anime series is far from a good series, but it wasn’t a bad one and it was somewhat enjoyable. Though not knowing about this game prior its Western announcement, I was interested in the game based on the game’s battle system, not so much on the Visual Novel aspect since it’s based on the anime, which was average. However, while I wasn’t really expecting the battle system to be grand, it really caught me off guard on how disappointing it was. 

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