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Corpse Party: Blood Drive
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Experience the sights and sounds of Corpse Party: Blood Drive with their new trailer

What's that noise?
Apr 28
The latest entry in the Corpse Party franchise, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, seeks to put a final touch to the first game that released on the PSP. Some interesting story and character details were revealed to us, but now we c...

We get story details for Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Please confirm your blood type before playing.
Mar 20
Corpse Party was one of my all-time favorite PSP games, and one of the few where I went out of my way to find every secret and nab every collectible. Who knew a top-down RPG-styled adventure game could be so engrossing and cr...

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Official Website goes live

It's time to party
Jan 20
I'm super jazzed for the upcoming Vita horror game, Corpse Party: Blood Drive. I'm hyped that the team will be returning to the style of the first game (and Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient), and I suppose I'm just happy that thi...

A look at Corpse Party: Blood Drive's character models

Another bloody good time awaits
Jan 14
I love me some horror games. Anybody who has ever joined me over at my Twitch channel knows how much I enjoy being scared out of my mind. This is actually a fairly recent development directly caused by Corpse Party, the stran...

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