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Non Non Biyori
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JapanaTen: Ten shows to make you forget Valentine's loneliness

2D world is best
Feb 14
Hey there, buddy. Was today a rough day for ya? I know how you feel. All those "normals" and their stupid capitalist rituals that are designed to exploit those foolish enough to fall it. I am here to give you some suggestions on some good anime shows you can find to forget about today and to enjoy this weekend.

Non Non Biyori Gets Second Season

Apr 07
I believe that I've mentioned before that 2013 was a good year for moe. We had series like GJ Club in the early part of the year, Kiniro Mosaic towards the middle of the year and then in the fall season we had a cute little m...

First Impressions: Non Non Biyori

Smell the nature through the screen
Oct 11
A lot of people may have written off this anime because it's about four girls who are kind of cute doing rather cute things together. I can understand-- man, does that formula get tiresome. But what surprised me about Non Non...

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