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Ai Candy: Snow Days

Pretty pictures to help get you through the last of the cold
Mar 19
Because we can never have enough pretty pictures here at Japanator, it's time for some Ai Candy: awesome fan art that we think you may enjoy. To kick things off, our first theme is characters frolicking in a winter wonderland...

Kodansha makes three big announcements

Attack on Titan, Noragami and more!
Feb 20
On their official tumblr (is that where all the cool kids are hanging out these days? I wouldn't know), Kodansha Comics made three big announcements this week including two new licenses and the reveal of a brand new omnibus r...

The Dose: Hello Sleepwalkers

Time to wake up
Feb 03
Can you believe it's already February? We're one month into 2014, and so far the music's been amazing. There's no time get get lazy and take a break, let's keep awake with the new single from Okinawa's Hello Sleepwakers! If ...

First Impressions: Noragami

Fun but not very memorable
Jan 17
For my first assignment here at Japanator, I decided to tackle First Impressions of Noragami. I had actually watched the first episode of this series right when it first premiered on Funimation's site, but in just a few short days, I had almost completely forgotten what I had seen. That's never a good sign, is it?

Japanator's Winter 2014 Anime Preview Guide!

The hottest anime for the coldest season!
Dec 22
As the year draws to a close, it's time to think about all the Japanese cartoons you'll be watching next year. That's right, folks, it's Japanator's Winter 2014 Anime Preview Guide! We're here to deliver the preliminary word ...

First PV for Noragami arrives

Anime adaption of Toka Adachi's manga by Bones.
Oct 18
We're knee-deep in the new season but already PVs are starting to show up for later this winter! Next season Bones will be animating an adaption of Toka Adachi's manga, Noragami. The tale is about a bullied girl in school wh...

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