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Nuiguruma Z
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The Dose: Shoko Nakagawa

Go go Golita
Jan 22
Calling all members of team Shokotan! Today is finally another great day to celebrate! Actress, singer, gravure model, and cosplay extraordinaire, Shoko Nakagawa is back with her hit single from her bizarre Gothic Lolita tok...

Shokotan fights more zombies in Nuiguruma Z's new trailer

Stuffed animals are super effective against the undead
Nov 22
When we last kept tabs on Shoko Nakagawa's upcoming film, the multi-talented idol was busy with battling a horde of zombies while donning a Gothic Lolita dress. Besides fighting evil in an adorable attire, Shokotan is a...

Shokotan's first movie gets a trailer

Gothic Lolita Battle Bear Z
Aug 02
I'm not sure to be surprised at this or wonder why it hadn't happen sooner? Shoko Nakagawa, Shokotan if your nasty, is starring in her first full length motion picture called Nuiguruma Z. Nakagawa plays a girl who has t...

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