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Utada Hikaru
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Utada Hikaru releases new video for Beautiful World

Evangelion fans, get excite
Dec 04
We're less than a week away from the Utada Hikaru tribute album, Hikaru no Uta. Quite a few tracks can currently be previewed on her official YouTube channel already. Much to my surprise there was actually quite a treat wait...

New Utada Hikaru's cover album will feature video by Eva team

This is going to be interesting
Nov 11
There's an official cover album on its way December 9th, called Utada Hikaru no Uta. As the title suggests, it will feature prominent musicians giving their take on some of the Queen of J-Pop's finest songs. Confirmed artists...

Utada Hikaru to tie the knot

I thought we had a thing going Hikki
Feb 04
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to have your still beating hearts ripped directly from your chest. The lovely Utada Hikaru is soon to be off the market, again. Yesterday, Hikki took to her website and announced to her fans that...

The Dose: Old School Thursdays

The Queen of J-Pop
Jan 23
Ok, I'm sure I posted this video a few years back, but something this good deserve a repeat. I was driving in the slippery snow today after a crappy day at work, and suddenly this track came on and made my night. I think thi...

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