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Can you use the new Kinect in a Tokyo apartment?

Does size really matter?
Dec 10
The hilarious team over at RocketNews24 were on a mission. The last version of Microsoft's Kinect system for the XBox 360 was a very cool idea. It had one huge problem, it needed a lot of room and light to work. Both things ...

Japanese scientists finally find a use for Kinect

As well as a use for a bathtub!
Dec 08
Ever sit in a hot bath and think "I could be playing a videogame right now if it weren't for all this water!"? No? I didn't think so, but Japanese scientists are happy to give you the option to do just that thing, and using ...

Xbox One might now be better for Japanese living rooms

So says a leaked manual scan
Oct 27
Hey, remember Kinect for Xbox 360? Microsoft's big camera and motion-control gimmick was interesting - moreso than the PlayStation Move at any rate - but sadly it stopped short of being a genuine revolution. There are a numbe...

Victory? Microsoft walks back Xbox One DRM, region-locks

No more 24-hour check, trading and resale safe
Jun 19
Wow. There's really no way to describe what just happened as anything other than a "game-changer" in the console war. Microsoft, in an update penned by Don Mattrick himself, has effectively walked back many of the policies th...

Japanator Discusses: E3 2013

Our takes on the pressers, the trailers, and everything E3
Jun 19
E3's over! Well, it has been for a while, but now we've all had time to digest the news, and this being a "hardware year", there was a lot of news. News of the kind even we at Japanator pay attention to...and talk about!...

Microsoft: Xbox One not always-online...just every day

Also goes pro-publisher on used games
Jun 06
You'd think they'd get this sort of thing out of the way back when they announced it, but mere days before E3, Microsoft has finally shed some light on the burning policy questions hounding their upcoming Xbox One console. In...

Shocker: Xbox One will be region-locked

Not that we expected otherwise
May 27
If it can be said that last week's Xbox One reveal didn't exactly meet many gaming enthusiasts' expectations, it seems that recent news has taken the opposite tack, in that our newly lowered - and in some cases negative ...

Japanator Discusses: The Xbox One

How does Microsoft's new hotness fare?
May 23
How about that new Xbox, eh? In case you've been hiding under a rock for the past three days, Microsoft announced its next home console, dubbed the "Xbox One". Equipped with a brand-new Kinect, a new controller, and a heavy l...

Say Hello to the Xbox One

The Next Xbox, revealed
May 21
No, not the first Xbox, or the Xbox 360. The third of Microsoft's consoles has opted to dial down its numbering by three hundred fifty-nine while dialing up its hardware. And it's called the "Xbox One", which means that...

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