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  • On First Impressions: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian at 07/21/2011 16:53
    What's that? Sawashiro Miyuki? Well then. Also. Hoping all watchers are watching on niconico.com. Comments like that just can't be missed. ...FEED MEH HUEY!
  • On Choya umeshu turns Japanese into racist caricatures at 07/20/2011 19:23
    She looks better blonde.
  • On Otakon 11: Otakon to host Shinkai premiere [Update] at 07/20/2011 19:21
    Who needs subtitles?! This movie has Kanemoto Hisako in it! Therefore; voice porn. Done.
  • On First Impressions: Kamisama Dolls at 07/14/2011 23:32
    Episode two brings out Sawashiro Miyuki. Therefore, it is worth watching.
  • On Not at Anime Expo? Watch Mikunopolis on Nico Nico Douga at 06/29/2011 18:16
    @ Shin_Ra: Unnnnnnlikely.
  • On Going to the beach with Meguca is suffering... at 06/15/2011 21:27
    Laughter, you say? Just the tears here...
  • On Annotated Anime Early Edition: Fall 2010 Week 10 at 12/08/2010 22:14
    Chuck to The Future was magnificent, damn you all. And Arakawa needs more Maria. She can use all the same jokes, it doesn't matter, as long as she's there, and saying something. Anything.
  • On So I found a little somethin' the other day... at 12/08/2010 18:03
    What the hell? That person helped push that last piece of pudding onto the other person's spoon? Why didn't they take it?! Japanese people are weird...
  • On Masochism Monday 1: The Beginning of The End (of all Sanity) at 12/06/2010 23:19
    Haha, yes, School Days. Terrible times. Dropped Yosuga no Sora personally at..some point, so can't say much, but as far as twincest and harems goes, it seemed alright. Was there yuri too? Yuri is always nice. But kissxsis? No, no. That show is wonderful. It accomplished everything it set out to do and in spectacular, entertaining fashion. The music is so sleazy, who cannot help but to think of Plankton as he sniffs the lemon-scented...File Z. It's epic, it's epic, IT IS ECCHI. But not really even. Mannequin bodies; you could watch it with your kids. Wonderful show, with such happy themes~ That you would include it here simply for the biased reason that it is perverted and incestual wounds me. These choices of the spam of anime should be made with as little personal input as possible! School Days is a bad anime. kissxsis is a very good anime, for what it is.
  • On i love this site!!! at 12/03/2010 23:02
    Gotta love all this spam.
  • On Annotated Anime Early Edition: Fall 2010 Week 9 at 12/01/2010 18:15
    Review of Oreimo really surprised me in that; hey, come on, of COURSE Saori is rich and Black Cat is poor. It's how television works. Also in that...well, how else would Kirino react to her game? You guys play eroge without reacting? That's....incredibly boring. She looked to be the epitome of an otaku right there. Also. Where is the b'aw fest for Stocking and Squid? Part B and Story 3 were both gutting, just damn gutting. ;~; Seeing Squid Girl cry...that...that was... I don't ever want to see it again!! It was so sad it wasn't even moe. *sniff* (And I'm still confused on the dis/liking Stocking war; Panty I could understand, but Stocking? The part of you that like her, B'AW, damnit!) Whole of that P&Sw/GB was total win, of course however, not just Stocking. Was at first reminded of the volleyball match on Ember Island from ATLA but...yeah, it was so much better than that. (And Ty Lee wasn't even in this one! Woah.) Music was orgasmic, moreso than usual though OST preview on YT makes me sadface- it's not very nice sounding save for a few notable songs.
  • On Introductory Blog of Derpyness at 12/01/2010 08:45
    School Days.. Nice ending, though.
  • On 2010: Anime Year in Review at 12/01/2010 00:48
    @ Parasepsis-Ezza It's what we do, man. Some people work, some people go sailing...we watch hours and hours of anime. What did YOU do this year? Pff. And hey, kindaaloser! Where's that OST and Seiyuu review, eh? *nagnagnag*
  • On Contest: Win some anime to share for the holiday season! at 11/30/2010 20:33
    Oh dear, missed that last part. SHARE? Erk. I was planning on selling it--unemployed, y'see. Ahem, there. Honesty. I'm not disqualified, am I...?
  • On Contest: Win some anime to share for the holiday season! at 11/30/2010 20:31
    This person's Christmases have always pretty much failed. But fear not! For I count one very special, very close to Xmas event as the no.1...it instilled more spirit and gladness in me as I hadn't felt since the long, elated hours of Stage Dooring Broadway and West End. And it counts as Christmas...for the spirit...and some other facts in the following story... It was December 19th, 2009. About 9pm. On that night, I discovered CANAAN. It would be the anime that would truly make me fall in love with anime. And everyone here knows how that is... Geeking out at the monitor, falling for a character, not sleeping for three days and getting serious screen burn--hell. I even met my wife, and from CANAAN directly. Sawashiro Miyuki. She doesn't sing Sondheim to me, but she lets me know when she's wet so it's cool. On Christmas Day, I was struggling with theatre's hint of incoming betrayal and the loss of a friend. Fire Emblem was hard but anime was nice--will watch some when these new shows come out, see how it goes. Bittersweet; anime stomped on theatre like a bug but I needed it, loved those Qwaser boobs. Then again, it's changed me; by principal, I should, under no circumstances be writing this, but I am. And that may have been a decision of weakness. But it is true that anime was my best Christmas gift ever and I don't regret it just yet. Wanted to write anime for November's Monthly Musing but there weren't prizes. Also; damn, look at all the new members~
  • On NISA takes Imageepoch's Black Rock Shooter game West at 11/29/2010 20:04
    Hell - yes. That's all will say to spare the actual sounds of a fangirl.
  • On 2010: Anime Year in Review at 11/29/2010 19:32
    *applauds wildly* YES MAN. Gorgeous work here! Had a lot of fun reading everything...okay...not everything--skipped Bakuman and most of Star Driver because I simply just can't give a damn. But! Everything else, promise. Ahem. Not to become negative so quickly, but.. You said...you DID want someone to call you an idiot for liking Angel Beats!, right? Hi there, nice to meet you. Won't say you're an idiot but I found every credit you gave to be ill-founded; there's plenty of reasons to like AB! and those seemed off the mark which is me bashing you, not it, sorry. But we come back! IT DOES THAT TO PEOPLE. Fucking Angel Beats!. ....Fucking Angel Beats!... Brave Song is actually, thoroughly nice, if not connected to the actual anime which it tries to represent but fails by glossing its shitty AB!y self. [/unexplainedimmaturetotallystandingbyitforeverrant] Oh yeah, and Rainbow. That was shit too. Watched up to episode thirteen, raged rather hard upon realizing it continued and dropped--hard. Why did Rainbow suck? That's an easy one, that is! WAY TOO FUCKING SIMPLE. And that destroyed it, everything it wanted to be. Wonderful, wonderful OP and ED anyway...the first, that is, if they changed. Say...why did YOU like it? Make note...its laughable simplicity... (Oh, and: Shot, like, seven times in the chest, FALLS TO KNEES & acoustic guitar go.) So Ra No Wo To bit made me laugh. Yay. Snuck in its great; good man. Just forgot its ridiculously beautiful soundtrack and artwork, AHEM. Devoured Conclusion: But hey, man. =O You needed a mention for seiyuu. *nod* Yes, yes, you did-do. *cough*Miyukichi*cough* Only problem. This was fantastic. Once more!> *applauds wildly* (Oh, oh, and, and, Seitokai Yakuindomo...was fucking amazing. How dare you not even MENTION it.)
  • On Book by a burglar becomes best-selling...well, book at 11/28/2010 18:16
  • On A few thoughts on...K-ON!(!) at 11/17/2010 22:49
    Will respond to this after reading Takotsuboya's doujin. Great write-ups here.
  • On Annotated Anime Early Edition: Fall 2010 Week 7 at 11/17/2010 16:34
    I think you forgot Oreimo?