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  • On Rumor: GAINAX and Evangelion remakes splitting up? at 06/04/2010 02:25
    I had no idea that the Eva copyrights were held by someone other than Gainax. It would be really bad if Gainax and Eva split up. If they do, then who is going to animate 3.0 and 4.0? Would Ground Works and Anno go to another animation studio? Would we see an exodus of animators from Gainax form a new company to animate these Eva movies?
  • On Nerv bento boxes are just what you needed at 05/24/2010 21:29
    @thatguyukno, Crystal White, et al I suppose I should have been more tactful and specific in what I said. I was not trying to imply that Crystal White did not sound intelligent in her news item about a bento box. That would be silly, after all. I was speaking in more of a general sense. Eva is a pretty popular anime series. Having knowledge of it is useful as discussions about it come up from time to time among anime fans. Anyways, I apologize if I caused offense. It was not my intention.
  • On Nerv bento boxes are just what you needed at 05/22/2010 16:43
    @Crystal White While the first reboot movie is definitely a more concise version of the first few episodes of the original series, the second film starts to diverge from there. For example, a new pilot is introduced. It's really anybody's guess where the subsequent films will go from there. I still highly recommend you watch the original series and films. Perhaps you could skip the first few episodes because you already know what happens from watching the first reboot film. That's just my $0.02. I should also state that there are signs that the reboot films are not a reboot at all. That may just be Hideaki Anno trolling, though.
  • On Nerv bento boxes are just what you needed at 05/22/2010 15:22
    @Tim Sheehy It's not about whether someone likes said series or not. It's just that there are certain series and movies that are staples of anime. If you're a fan, you have to watch it. An anime fan who has never watched Evangelion is like a video game fan who has never played Mario. @Crystal White I'm not trying to insult you or anything, but you really do need to watch the original series and films, even if the only reason is so you can speak intelligently on the subject when it is brought up.
  • On Bang Zoom says anime is going to die -- is it true? at 04/30/2010 23:09
    Personally, I buy DVDs every so often (check out Right Stuf's sales), and Blu-ray if the show is available for it. Prices have come down, so they aren't a valid concern anymore. You can get a full season or half season for $30-$50 now, which is a hell of a lot better than what is was like in the 90s, when you had to pay $20 or more for a DVD with 2-3 episodes. Frankly, stop complaining about price. If you can't afford it, maybe you should review your spending habits. What I am more concerned about is the huge delay in US releases compared to Japanese releases. Once a show airs in Japan, it is anywhere between one to two years before you can buy a legal version in the US. It doesn't help that a significant amount of time and money has to be spent on dubbing, a "feature" that many hardcore anime fans don't even care about. However, the biggest reason these reasons take so long is often times the licensing terms and business strategies of the Japanese anime companies. Unfortunately, non-domestic anime sales are simply an afterthought for these companies. This is especially true when you consider the ridiculously small amount of effort, time, and money required to sub a show compared to the overall production costs of the show. Instead of doing the subbing and selling these shows directly to foreign anime fans themselves in a timely manner, these companies simply license out the shows to other companies. Some companies have become more pro-active, releasing shows themselves on the Internet via streaming or direct-download not to long after they air in Japan (or even simulcasting). However, this has not become the norm yet. Frankly, there's not much foreign licensing companies can do to make more timely releases, except for maybe dropping the dubbing. We're not going to see faster releases until the Japanese companies decide to get serious and see US and foreign anime fans as a real market.
  • On Haruhi's high school doesn't appreciate otaku visits at 04/16/2010 19:03
    The book of Haruhi says we must all make a trip once in our lives to Mecca, err, I mean Nishinomiya high school. Our god commands it!
  • On Monthly Musing: Does new anime suck? Irothtin's Take at 03/02/2010 21:20
    Meh, the art style of new anime is usually much cleaner with more details (especially if it incorporates CG backgrounds), but I really dig the shading used in old anime.
  • On Would you actually put up with Sernia Flameheart? at 02/27/2010 16:42
    Yes, but only because she has HUGE tracts of land.
  • On Japanator Recommends: Interstella 5555 at 02/20/2010 12:56
    I really enjoy listening to Daft Punk, so I loved this anime. It is very much like an acid trip, though, but in a good way. It's nice to have some visuals when listening to an album.
  • On Producers worried about DVD-centric anime business model at 02/18/2010 21:20
    Anime producers need to realize there is a continuing shift from watching episodes on TV to DVD and digital sales. Likewise, they need to start selling their products online (including subbed episodes for overseas fans) as soon as they start airing the episodes on Japanese TV. Yes, I'm sure the TV execs aren't going to like that, but if the anime producers want stay alive, let alone thrive, they need to offer the services the most convenient and the most wanted by the fan base.
  • On Tuesday Otaku Debate: Evangelion vs. RahXephon at 02/16/2010 20:19
    Rahxephon is simply the pagan version of Evangelion. Come on. You know it's true.