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PSA: Corpse Party sequel coming soon

12:30 AM on 01.09.2013

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Party time!

Rejoice, fans of horrific games and disturbing scenes: more Corpse Party is on the way to your PSPs and PS Vitas soon. And by "soon", I mean "next week", as XSEED's terrifying sequel, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows debuts on the PlayStation Network store for the low low price of $20 (that's pretty low compared to Earth Defense Force 2025, which opened the other day at $39.99).

Book of Shadows isn't so much a direct sequel to the original as a companion game, with side stories that explore everything from characters' backgrounds to events happening off-screen in Corpse Party to some alternate "What-If?" scenarios.

Perhaps one of those scenarios is "What if Corpse Party was just "Party", a game about a group of happy-go-lucky school friends getting into hilarious misadventures? 



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