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PSA: Sony making a bunch of PS Vita announcements soon

10:10 PM on 02.17.2013 // Josh Tolentino

VERY soon!

For the last few months Sony's been fairly quiet about their plans for the PS Vita, which isn't in the best of situations at the moment (and I say this as a big Vita fan). They've just announced that they'll be breaking the silence in just a few hours with a "2013 Spring" streaming event dedicated to the platform.

The event is scheduled for 1700 Tokyo Time, which is about 0300 EST. I may have to sit it out as I'll likely be commuting by the time it airs, but if you've got the time, you can view the stream by visiting this site. And of course you can check back with us and our pals at Destructoid for the juiciest announcements.

Personally I find this interesting mainly because they're holding a whole Vita event two days ahead of whatever they plan to reveal on February 20th, lending even more credence to the general assumption that that one will be about the PlayStation 4 or whatever they plan to call it. Why else would they want to get the "junior" platform out of the way first?

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