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Punk-ass teacher gets stabbed for taking manga away

3:00 PM on 10.16.2012 // MARC


How far would you go to defend your manga? What would you do if someone laid their grubby paws on your precious Japanese comic books? Would you stab another human being over ten times in defense? Yah, maybe. Hey, can you blame a guy if some punk-ass teacher got between him and the Shichinintai Arc in Inuyasha? I don't think so.

So... this little incident happened yesterday at Aichi Prefecture, just west of Tokyo, a little bit after noon. A 14-year-old junior high student (still nameless) was caught reading manga during class, and when it was taken away from him, the student reacted and grabbed a pen to continuously stabbed his teacher in the shoulder. The kid was arrested not too long after, though the teacher was told that her injuries aren't terribly serious; she'll be fully healed in about a week.

Seriously though... what'd the teacher think'll happen? This isn't news: people who read manga are thug as f*ck. "Live by the anime cred, die by the anime cred. Bury me with my omnibuses with pictures of Chi-Chi and Botan so the world will know how many ho's I pleased." 

[Source: Crunchyroll]

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