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Puzzles and cases combine in Layton vs Wright's new PV

2:00 PM on 11.22.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Two great minds join forces.

I bet most of you were jumping out of your seats when you all found out that Bones was handling the animated cutscenes for Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. And today, the icing on the cake gets even more sweeter, because the puzzles from the Layton games are going to join up with the cases that make Ace Attorney a great series. 

Assuming that the witches are the only people that are being prosecuted in these cases, I am looking forward to seeing how Layton and Wright's team up will affect the present. And perhaps the best thing out of the trailer is that we get to see The Judge's ancestor appear in the courtroom. 

Just from this trailer alone, Layton vs Ace Attorney is a nice nod to fans of both series, so it would be a shame if this game never went west. But seeing how Capcom is going to localize Ace Attorney 5, there is a small chance that we will get the verdict that we have been hoping for. 

The real trial begins in Japan on November 29th, and there's a huge chance that Elliot will give us the rundown on Level-5 and Capcom's crossover that crosses the boundaries of time and space. 

[via VG 24/7]

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