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Your name

Radwimps brings songs from Your Name to English

7:45 PM on 02.15.2017 // Red Veron

Language Switcharoo

The official theatrical release of the English-language dub of the hit film Your Name is coming to the west on April 7 and with that upcoming release are English-language versions of the songs made for the film by the band radwimps. The band, radwimps, recorded English-language versions of their songs "Dream Lantern", "Zen Zen Zense", "Sparkle", and "Nandemo Ii ya".

Your Name is the fourth highest grossing film in Japan making $212 million and made $281 million worldwide. It hasn't even released in many countries yet outside Japan, which is probably why the push for making this anime film to cater more to English-speaking audiences.

A preview of those songs are available for you to hear in the video above. The small snippets don't really provide the best impressions of the songs, I checked out longer samples of the songs at digital stores and they sounded better once I got to hear more. What do you think? I'll give the english-language version a chance.

Check out the movie trailer here!

Check out the full original Japanese movie version of  Zen Zen Zense below!

[Via ANN]

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