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Record breaking number of Internet crime cases in Japan

3:00 PM on 09.03.2010 // Crystal White

This year, a record breaking 2,444 Internet crime cases have been handled by the Japanese police nationwide. This number is up 31.5% from last year, with fraud cases increasing by 22.8% with 867 cases total. Child pornography cases increased 69.6% from last year (wow, that's a lot of pedos--I shouldn't be surprised after working here.) And in fact, child porn cases that involved the Internet accounted for over half of all cases total. 

The only bit of Internet crime that seems to have plunged are those of unauthorized access, dipping down to 85 cases from over 1,000 last year. However, cases of cracking down on file and software pirating increased to 56 cases from zero in the first half of 2009, although there were later a total of 75 cases for the year.

So what does this say about Japan's crack down on Internet crime? I guess you'd better watch what you're doing nowadays because the Internet isn't quite the haven of anonymity it once was, proof that Big Brother's always on the look out. Yes, even in Japan. 

Crystal White,
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