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Rejoice, Aniplex's Panel reveals a ton of great goodies

11:40 PM on 01.18.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

More character commentary coming your way!

In case you were busy during the panel that was brought to you by the folks at Aniplex America, we are giving you the chance to read about the announcements that happened during the evening. 

The first order of news will please the Monogatari fans, because Nisemonogatari's Limited Edition Blu-ray box set is getting a release on February 26th. This set will contain all 11 episodes on five Blu-ray disks that include dual subtitles and a credit-less version of the show's opening and ending themes. But that's not all, because you are also getting a 36 page booklet with the whole set. The Nisemonogatari set will cost you $119.98 at Rightstuf, and pre-orders will open on Monday. At the moment, there are no details on a character commentary track, so you will have to wait until Monday for more information about the product. 

To those that can't believe that their little sister is this cute, Oreimo is getting a Limited Edition Blu-ray box set that will be released on February 27th. Oreimo's release will have character commentary for all 16 episodes, a super picture label, a 4-panel digipak that's drawn by Hiro Kanzaki, and a PET clear sleeve case. Since this set is an import, the entire package will be available for $278.98. 

This next piece will divide a few folks, since it's connected to second best anime of 2012 that was decided by a good number of J-tor's readers. Reki Kawahara (Author of the Sword Art Online light novels) is going to appear as a guest at this year's Sakura-con. However, Kawahara will not be alone, because Sakura-Con is going to have other guests that are related to Sword Art as well.

Fans of the Sword Art will get to pick up an exclusive Sword Art wall scroll at the convention. And if you are up for winning prizes, there is going to be a contest where participants have to guess the next person that will get announced for Sakura-Con's Sword Art Online guest combo. Be sure to keep track of Sakura-Con and Aniplex USA's Facebook page for future updates on the contest. 

It looks like the winter will be on heck of a season for Aniplex, since Nismonogatari and Oreimo are releasing during the same month. Seeing how they are planning some exclusive things with Sword Art Online, there is a huge chance that this will set up towards the big announcement that everyone has been waiting for.

Now that we have skimmed through Aniplex USA's announcements, which piece of information are you all excited for the most? 

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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