Rejoice! Cowboy Bebop finally hits Japanese BD

9:00 AM on 08.03.2012

Elliot Gay


[Edit: There is a cheaper regular edition that'll run you 19,425 Yen. Much more affordable.]

File this one under finally.

When Blu-ray as a format finally beat out HD-DVD, one of the first anime series I was looking forward to grabbing was Cowboy Bebop. I convinced myself that it wouldn't be long before one of the most popular (in the west) series of the last 20 years would hit BD. I ended up waiting for a very long time.

Well it looks like the wait is over; on December 21 of this year, Sunrise will be releasing a super special awesome Blu-ray set for Cowboy Bebop with a load of delicious extras. We're looking at audio commentaries, music videos, live performances, a 32 page production booklet and a hell of a lot more if you preorder/get an early copy. You can check out the full list after the break.

For all the good however, there are a couple of problems with this set, the first of which is that it only includes Japanese audio. As far as I can tell, there's also no English subtitles, which limits this set to a very specific and small audience. The second big problem? The whole shibang is going to cost you 42,000 Yen or more depending on how you order.

Yeah, I threw up a little bit in my mouth too.

On the plus side, now that a BD version of this series exists, there's no doubt in my mind that we'll see a cheaper (hopefully) version of it in English territories sometime next year. Considering the widespread appeal of Cowboy Bebop, it'd be a shame if the rest of the world missed out.

[via Hachima and translation via Mania]

Specs: 4:3 1080i/DTS-HD MA 5.1, LPCM (surround). Special features DVD includes some English audio (this is indicated specifically for the special features only)

Amazon Exclusive includes: exclusive illustration (Toshihiro Kawamoto) box, cloth poster, illustration cards(10), "future blues" DVD (same as 2001 one)

- 32p booklet
- OP/ED finalized storyboard 
- Cover art illustrations postcards
- Film strip
- Newly written novel 
- DVD: Extra Session 

- Non-super ED 
- PV, CM collection
- Full-sized music video - from session #0
- Club remix ver. music video (UK ver)
- Shinichiro Watanabe direction clip 
- Ein's summer vacation 

- Audio commentary (same as 5.1 DVD-BOX) ep1, 17, 24
- as well as newly recorded audio commentary

- Art box illustration by Toshihiro Kawamoto

- Non-super ED 
- PV, CM collection

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