Rejoice: Disgaea 4 crosses the pond September

2:02 PM on 04.08.2011
Rejoice: Disgaea 4 crosses the pond September photo

Not getting enough Disgaea in your life? Visual novel and action-platformer spinoffs insufficient to meet your needs for endless muchkinizing? Are portable platforms too small to hold your insatiable desire to level stuff up?

Be unsatisfied no more, for the fourth properly numbered entry in the Disgaea series is landing on American PS3s courtesy of NIS America in September. Disgaea 4: A PRomise Unforgotten will be unfold the story of Valvatorez the vampire overlord and his quest to bring social reform to the underworld(s), as well as getting to level 9999. Among those aiding his quest is Fuka, a girl who was supposed to become a Prinny, but due to a shortage of evil demon penguin hide, was just given a Prinny hat instead. Close enough, they said.

To celebrate, NIS America has also started a "Come Up With Dis-name-a" contest, where you can name a bunch of items, characters and monsters for the upcoming English release.

Check below for a trailer full of non-jaggy high-resolution sprites, weapon customization, endless cameos, and a canny reference that viewers of Legend of the Galactic Heroes will get.

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