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Rejoice freaks: Tokyo governor says otaku have warped DNA

11:00 PM on 12.17.2010 // Crystal White

Yeah, you heard it. We're all freaks. At least, according to Tokyo governor Ishihara, we are. While speaking specifically about the "anti-loli" bill at a press conference  on December 17, the governor made a few rather unsavory comments about all of us otaku. When asked about his support of the bill, Ishihara stated:

[I'm] not saying people can't draw this stuff. I only approved [of this legislation] because it was about not exposing this stuff to children. It's clear that there are perverts in this world. Sad people with warped DNA. If these kind of people with these kinds of tastes, if they want to read and draw this kind of stuff and get excited over it, that's fine by me, really. Although, I don't think Western societies would tolerate such things very much. Japan has become too uninhibited. But you know, this stuff is abnormal, isn't it? 

Yup. If you like to read loli manga, or draw it, or even if you don't particularly like it, but yet still would watch it or enjoy the medium, you're abnormal. Later in the interview, Ishihara also mentions not wanting children to be able to find manga about the rape of elementary school children, which since it's sold as "adult manga" should not be the case anyway.

I do not personally agree with loli themes pervading an anime or manga, but I do fully support the right of freedom of the press and the freedom of expression. And I think it's the right of every individual to pursue books, manga, anime, etc., that caters to their personal tastes, no matter what they may be, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone. About the time we start clamping down on expression, we begin to slide down a treacherous path. And to demonize those who do enjoy manga or anime that may have loli themes or moments is completely ridiculous, and even worse in my opinion. That's like discriminating against people who like art with cherubs in it. OMGZ NEKKID BABIES, YOU PEDO! (Well, not exactly, but you know what I'm saying.) See what I mean?

Do Ishihara's statements enrage you as much as they do me? 

Crystal White,
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