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Rejoice! Kite film remake is "groundbreaking" & "not 3D"

2:00 PM on 11.02.2011 // MARC

Earlier this week, I posted up a news story about the new live-action Kite adaption being manned by director of Shark Night 3D and Snakes on a Plane fame David R. Ellis. If anything, I was just a bit skeptical on this adaption being something akin to his more wacky, out-there films. Though in a recent interview he talks a little about the film and how it'll take a more serious approach, i.e. more subtle storytelling, real stunts and no tacked-on 3D for theater-goers.

Kite is gonna be 2D. There is certainly no reason for it to be in 3D. Basically I’m trying to create a world that is, in terms of a story, a lot like the Mad Max films and Road Warrior. I’m trying to do something groundbreaking like when the first Matrix came out. But at the same time, I’m trying to base it more in reality. I’m gonna use more real stuntmen, real parkour kind of free running stuff, and just try to make it more real. But it’s definitely going to be a 2D movie. There is no need to do it in 3D.

Stressing that it's going to be a 2D movie is relieving, as the trend with films adding more dimensions to get off easier with being silly is something I'm glad being avoided with Kite. While the OVA wasn't admittedly the most realistic piece of animation ever conceived, the fact that Ellis is taking this project as seriously as if he were making The Matrix is a great sign. Kite is arguably one of my favorite original anime, so it's surprising to have me take such a drastic 180° on the project. You can read the full interview here.

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