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Rejoir, a sequel to Solatorobo is in the works

9:00 PM on 11.05.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles


Right when I reached the halfway point in Solatorobo, a new piece of news appears from the man that runs CyberConnect2. Hiroshi Matsuyama has confirmed at Salon del Manga de Barcelona (Spanish for Barcelona's Manga Salon) in Barcelona, Spain that a new story that takes place after Solatorobo is in development. While Matsuyama is keeping the content of the new title a secret for now, the important thing is that we can look forward to another medium that will take us back to Little Tail Bronx's sky world that feels like a mix of Megaman Legends and Skies of Arcadia.

I guess that I picked a good time to get into Little Tail Bronx, since I'll be ready for the next title in the series. And depending how things go, we might see Red and the rest of Solatorobo's main cast return in the new installment, since a good number of characters from Tail Concerto made a cameo in Solatorobo. If this is your first time hearing about the series, then go dig up Elliot's playful review of Solatorobo.

So besides me and Elliot, is anyone else looking forward to a new Little Tail Bronx story? 

[via Gematsu]

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